Who we are?

Yooker.com is fastest Growing Short Jobs OR Micro Employment website that brings together webmaster aka Buyers and Sellers of online biz with Professional skills.

Yooker.com’s is backed by newbie friendly User Panel where webmasters can post jobs, called Yooks, that they’re willing to do for anything less than $100.

Micro Job are basically freelancing works on small scale. Yooker allows webmasters to make Dollars online using a super simple “Serve and Get Paid” model. Basically, Sellers/Freelances offer to provide a specific service for few $$ and Buyers/Webmasters pay them that said price to do it for them. SIMPLE … Is’nt it !!!

To get started youve to Register >> Activate account via email >> Add your Paypal>> start Yoooking …. THATS IT … THEN Yooker.com takes care of your YOOK, notify you when you recv. an order and took payment in its accont and then you have to provide that service and make money… HAVE Fun 😉

Yooker.com is secure and cost effective way for small sites owners to outsource short OR one Time tasks in fractions of seconds. Owners dont have to worry about money or quality of job , No expense of running an ad or multiple forum postings, interviewing prospective workers etc… . Yooker is available 24 hours and 365 days a year. It also provides those will marketable skills a way to generate additional income. Sellers are only and only limited by their own creativity and skills

We are here here to HELP … so start YOOKING and have Fun!